Spicy Rainbow Wrap


So I found these cool alternatives to nori, they are different colored soy paper wrappers for sushi, or appetizers or even desserts. I know seaweed is good for you, but the very distinct flavor makes it sometimes limiting. These not only have mild flavor, but they are pretty easy to work with. This one pictured here is the paprika flavor. I found them at Whole Foods, but this is the company.  Now what to do with brightly colored sushi wrappers? Fill them with brightly colored vegetables! Be gentle, these wrappers are super thin.

*Note: I don’t think that the soy wrappers are raw, but the other 99% of this wrap is, so to me, this is a raw recipe.

Spicy Rainbow Wrap

Makes 1 serving

1 sheet of soy paper (you can use nori or a few giant leaves here instead- like collards)

4 tbs hummus (of course I used the Cilantro Jalapeño Chipotle Hummus!)

½ avocado

1 cup finely chopped baby kale

½ carrot, shredded into ribbons with a vegetable peeler

6 thin slices of red bell pepper

8 thin slices of red onion

Lay the wrapper out on a flat plate and use the back of a spoon the spread the hummus pretty much all over, in an even layer. Slice the avocado very thinly, then arrange it along the bottom edge of the wrapper, closest to you, and smash down slightly. Next, mound the chopped kale right above the avocado on the wrapper, then the carrot ribbons, bell pepper, and red onion, each in their own little row next to each other. Starting at the bottom edge closest to you, carefully roll the edge of the wrap tightly up and up, sealing the end with a little dab of hummus. Slice in half and enjoy!


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