Love Potion Juice

Love Potion

Now let’s say you are really really worried about the garlic breath issue from the Beet of My Heart Hummus recipe I posted yesterday. That’s ok, there is another way for you to get all those important beet-y benefits for the big V day. This fresh Love Potion Juice will protect your heart and stain your lips a gorgeous shade of pinkish-red. There, now your heart is ready and your make-up is half way done! (Just go easy, no one wants to go out in public with someone sporting one of those kool-aid mustaches.) I don’t know if this fun fact will help with all the beet juice and red wine you will be consuming today, but strawberries actually act as natural teeth whiteners!  So go ahead and share a bowl of strawberries with your sweetheart today, and show your teeth some love too.
Love Potion
makes 2 big glasses
1/2  beet
16 strawberries (ripe strawberries make all the difference here, they can even be a little over-ripe)
1/2 cucumber
1/2 lemon
1/4 pineapple
Juice all and stir well. This makes enough for yourself and the one you love.



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