Exotic Immunity Juice

Exotic Immunity Juice

There were so many pretty fruits in the produce aisle this week, I got a little bit of everything. I found these gorgeous little fruits called kiwiberries. I had never heard of them. They look and taste exactly like a kiwi, maybe sweeter, but they are only about an inch in diameter, and don’t have a fuzzy skin. It turns out they have 5 times the vitamin C of oranges and more potassium than a banana ounce for ounce. I am in love. Last weekend I flew to New York for a vacation and on both flights I was sitting next to very sick people. They were taking medicine and ordering hot lemon water and everything, stay home sick people! Anyway, I figure I have some serious bacteria battling to do right now, and what better way than with juice? This juice probably has a weeks worth of vitamin C and lots of other nutrients and minerals to keep your immune system running at it’s best. I actually recommend drinking this during the week leading up to travel– prevention first!! This is delicious by the way.

Exotic Immunity Juice

makes 1 large serving

8 kiwiberries

3 blood oranges

1/2 cucumber

1/2 pomegranate

1 lemon

.25″ of ginger (optional)

I peeled the oranges but not the lemon. Also, crack the pomegranate open and take all the pith away, it’s too bitter! Just use the seeds. If you can’t find kiwiberries, you can use regular kiwis, it just might not be such a pretty color, as the berries have a purplish hue to them.

Throw everything in the juicer, stir and sip. Stay well.

kiwiberriesexotic fruits


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